DIY Skin Care Products For Your Skin

For those who have sensitive skin, looking for skin care products with all natural ingredients is your best bet. There are a lot of products out there but most of the times, these products are expensive. So why won’t you make your own? Not only is it safe for your skin, but it also fits the budget. Here are a few DIY products that you can make.

Facial Wash

Photo by DontMessWithMama

Washing your face using facial wash can cleanly remove unwanted particles on the skin and it also helps the other skin care products penetrate the skin. Wash your face in the morning, after working out, and at night.

Facial Toner

Photo by RootandRevel

Facial Toners are important. It helps your skin stay healthy and clean and it also comes with varying benefits. Here are some of the benefits of using facial toners:

It balances the potential hydrogen (pH) of your skin.
A balanced pH level makes your skin less oily and reduces the chances of infection.

It removes environmental toxins.
It helps cleanse the skin from toxins from air pollution and other residues that affect its overall health.

It shrinks and tightens pores.
While it cleanses the skin from the toxins that can irritate the skin, it also helps shrink and tighten large pores that ultimately lessens the entry of dirt and toxins.

It reduces acne.
Since it shrinks and tightens the pores, unwanted dirt, oil and toxin are reduced. Reducing these particles also reduces the irritation and infection it causes.

It nourishes and hydrates.
Aside from cleansing the skin, it also helps hydrate the skin which is important in maintaining its elasticity.

Sensitive Skin + Dry Skin Moisturizer

Photo by SayNotSweetAnne


Moisturizing your skin daily is very important especially if you want to have that healthy young glow. It helps individuals combat dry skin.

Lip Balm

Photo by OneLittleProject



The skin on your lips is thinner. Therefore, it’s easier for your lips to get dry and chapped. To help it heal faster, you need to keep it hydrated by putting on lip balm.


In conclusion, you can find a lot of products out in the market. However, you have to  remember that using all natural skin care products is always best for your skin. With these five DIY skin care products, you can keep your skin healthy and hydrated using these organic products while saving money as well.

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